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What makes Lord of the Rings so wonderful for me is the fact that it is unique - our heroes aren't people with tormented beginnings and shady pasts, they are ordinary, every day people. From a race of ordinary every day people, as a matter of fact, their ordinariness and everyday-ness is more exagerrated than anything else, which isn't necessarily a bad thing...

It's the ordinariness of hobbits, especially in their extraordinary situation, that makes them so endearing to me. I write about three foot tall men with huge, hairy feet and no shoes who like to smoke and eat 6 meals a day. They jump up and dance on tables in strange pubs while singing songs about cows jumping over the moon, they make up songs about trolls, they ask for bed and breakfast when they've been captured by uruk-hai. How can i write them without humour? It's what I love about them most.

So this a community that celebrates the hobbits because they are ordinary and very, very funny. not to mention loveable. Their love isn't always epic and romantic, it's just as often about poking fun at eachother's weight and saying farewell to the beer barrel.

If you love this aspect of the hobbits and want to share in the squeeful funny glee of it all, join! and partake in the posts of adoration.

fics are welcome, slash, gen or het, as are items of interest such as news or pictures, quotes, or anything else applicable!
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